The shopkeepers there offered the shoes as a gift to the

Who, exactly, is welcome in the small Southern town of Braggsville, Georgia? At first, at least in the eyes of innocent college freshman Daron Davenport, everyone is equally welcome until he has cause to question that equality. In acute, tragicomic fashion, Johnson turns this tale of a misbegotten college student protest of a Civil War reenactment into a subtle exploration of identity, personal narrative, collective narrative, racism, academic elitism and far more [.] Braggsville deftly pokes and prods at the innumerable dark corners of American racial conflict and identity politics, not content to let self satisfied lefties or placidly Southerners sit easily with their part in ongoing injustice. Blame lies nowhere and everywhere, and he pulls it all out with a sharp eye and wit that lets nothing escape.» Claire, from our review of Welcome to Braggsville.

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