Putting the GST back to seven per cent would be another option

But Gerrard said: «I have a slight advantage when it comes to Maribor as I watched Liverpool play them twice last season. Will I ask for their help? I’ll try to get any advantage I can.»I also have big help around the club in terms of analysts, who will be involved.»We will watch Maribor at the weekend and also look back at their previous European games.»After Aberdeen, we will have plenty of time to prepare for the tie.»I’m aware of their record, though they’re a good side. For me, they are a Champions League team.»It’s a big test for us but we are growing and improving.»The test got an awful lot harder from Shkupi to Osijek and we embraced it and delivered.Rangers face the home leg first, however, and Gerrard is confident they can take an advantage with them to Slovenia.He said: «It will be different, being home first, but it’s still two 90 minutes.»You’ve got to take both fixtures separately.

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