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Invest in your relationship. Either set aside the money for a bunch of smaller, more regular moncler jacket sale things like flowers once a week or always bringing them their favourite snack.

Presentation makes a difference, but you don have to spend much on that. Regular paper can be pretty, hilarious or touching wrapping paper or cards if you doodle on it. Get some cheap markers and you set.

moncler sale Spend time moncler outlet store as well as money. moncler outlet sale Write them silly little songs to sing as moncler outlet online you present something if you like. Or if poems are more your jam or whatever put those in your good luck cards, maybe litter them with in jokes. Wrap some paper around a poesy of wildflowers and tie it with some string. The phrase «It the thought that counts» is around for a reason. moncler sale

I love the furry little fuckers. I had one for 9 years and another for 5. At times in my life, they literally been the only reason that got me out of my bed. I cannot express how much I love and care for them.

But I currently living with my mother in a somewhat abusive living situation. I currently trying to deal with a great quantity of childhood traumas, and I need the space to just. not be walking on eggshells constantly.

moncler outlet store I have fibromyalgia, so I can only work part time. Rents are crazy high where I live, so I can afford to get somewhere on my own. I lived with a friend once, but 8 months after he moved out he was still trying to get the hair from one of my cats off his laundry he doesn want to live with that again, which is fair. moncler outlet store

moncler outlet online There is not a single rented moncler sale accommodation, shared or unshared, in a 35 mile radius from me that accepts pets that isn at least 1000 over my budget. I been checking for at least 5 months. I need to stay within transport range as I can drive, and my job is the first job I found that helped to work around my physical issues. moncler factory outlet I can sustain this job, and it incredibly good for my mental health to get out and about like that regularly. moncler outlet online

buy moncler jackets I could afford somewhere shared, but one of my cats is a bit of a problem cat. moncler Moncler Outlet outlet uk She has stomach issues, loves to and sheds everywhere. I love her to pieces and thus am ok to live with this, but others aren and it not ok to expect them to be. buy moncler jackets

cheap moncler coats I might be able to not crack up if I stay here another year. I not sure. I really don want to give up my cats, they the absolute lights of my life. cheap moncler coats

cheap moncler At the moment I trying to figure out ways to generate income somewhat passively. I doing a Comptia A+ course and a junior Java course, and learning Japanese and Piano but those are really just things I started doing in the last year or so. I can do anything with them yet. cheap moncler

moncler mens jackets So instead, I thinking of maybe falling back on the writing and drawing I did when I was younger. Sketching out designs to put on moncler outlet jackets websites like society6, cheap moncler trying to figure out some short book concepts and polishing up my writing. moncler mens jackets

But I have no idea what I doing. If anyone could give me pointers, anecdotes about your experiences, tips on good resources to use, anything that could help me figure out a battle plan to keep my cats that be awesome.

Thank you so cheap moncler outlet much for taking the time to read all this. I wish you the best of luck in everything you try.

TLDR; I can only work part time. Need to gtfo of a shitty situation for my mental health. Love my cats more than air, can get anywhere with them. Trying to figure out how to market my art and writing skills. Anyone got tips or advice?

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Met I started a SciFi and fantasy society in Uni. Soc went to a convention and it basically ended up being the two of us herding a bunch of Guys around and trying to get them to stop bothering ladies.

Anywhoo, I dropped out because moncler sale outlet of serious health problems. Was bedridden for awhile. One by one all my other Uni friends got mad at me for not being able to do things with them, just stopped talking to me really.

cheap moncler outlet If I was too sick to hang out with him, he come over to mine and bring tacos and we just hang out. He never got mad at me, always understood that I be out adventuring and having fun if I could be. cheap moncler outlet

moncler outlet sale We been friends for about five years now. On New years eve we got super drunk and after seeing him kiss another dude when we werw out got curious as to how he kiss. moncler outlet sale

cheap moncler sale We ended up boning. Turns out we had (have!) amazing chemistry. Just never really crossed my mind to think of him like that because one or the other of us had always been in a relationship. cheap moncler sale

monlcer down jackets Kind of did a fwb thing for cheap moncler coats a while, then started dating in March. monlcer down jackets

I don know if it going to work out, which terrifies me. I really don have a lot of friends so losing him would be a huge blow. I love that dude so fucking much (platonically speaking).

But so cheap moncler jackets sale far, it going really well. He already knows how neurotic I am. He seen me at my worst. I already know he moncler outlet shit at communication.

We still never seen each other angry, which is going to be an interesting experience.

cheap moncler jackets It hands down my favourite relationship ever. Even if it doesn work out, what we have right now is something special. He absolutely raised my standards in SO plan to cherish, respect and care for him as much as possible as long as this lasts cheap moncler jackets.

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