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best replica bags Earlier this year, China’s Ganfeng Lithium snapped up 20% of an Argentine project. Last year, China’s Tianqi Lithium took a 2% stake in Chile’s SQM (SQM), one of the world’s top miners of the metal.The Chinese government has been quietly instructing state owned enterprises to hunt down lithium resources outside China, according to Francois Perrin, a portfolio manager at investment firm East Capital. He predicts that over the next few years, China will wield increasing influence over the supply of lithium and other metals used in electric batteries.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said he didn’t have any specific information on the trend of Chinese investment in lithium supplies.»We always strive to deepen economic cooperation with all countries in all fields, including in energy and auto sectors,» he said in response to a question from CNN best replica bags.

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