EIA data show wind turbines in Minnesota generated electricity

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high quality hermes replica uk Many people don’t realize that wind energy is costly and that building wind turbines has led to increasing electricity prices high quality hermes replica in Minnesota. In fact, data from the federal Energy Information Administration (EIA) show Minnesota’s electricity prices have increased 26 percent more than the national average since 2007, when then governor Tim Pawlenty signed the Next fake hermes belt women’s Generation Energy Act (NGEA) into law. high quality hermes replica uk

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hermes kelly bag replica Wind turbines can only produce electricity when the wind is blowing. When the wind isn’t blowing we need other power plants to ramp Replica Hermes up their production of electricity to fill the gaps. EIA data show wind turbines in Minnesota generated electricity about 33.67 percent of the time in 2016. In Minnesota, coal plants generally supply power when the wind isn’t blowing. hermes kelly bag replica

replica bags As you can see, adding wind does not remove the need to have coal fired power plants running on standby to generate electricity in case the wind isn’t blowing. Therefore, instead of saving money consumers money by installing cheaper generating units and retiring older, more expensive assets, the part time nature of wind requires consumers to pay for both wind and coal. This brings the total cost per megawatt hour up to $40 to $60 per megawatt hour. replica bags

aaa replica bags About $4.5 billion to upgrade all of these facilities, or $10.5 billion less than the cost of building wind Replica Hermes Bags turbines and the transmission lines needed to transport the electricity generated from them. aaa replica bags

hermes replica belt Another thing to keep in mind is that EIA data Hermes Belt Replica show these power plants were very productive, generating 41.5 million MWh of electricity, about 70 percent of all the electricity generated in the state in 2016. In contrast, all of the wind farms in the state generated 9.93 million MWh, about 17 percent of electricity generation. hermes replica belt

hermes sandals replica If you do the math, the cost of upgrading all of these facilities comes out to about $107.60 per MWh, whereas the cost of Hermes Replica Bags installing wind turbines and transmission lines amounts to about $1,510 per MWh. This strongly suggests Minnesotans get a much better value for upgrading existing nuclear, coal, and natural gas plants than building new wind facilities and best hermes replica handbags transmission lines. hermes sandals replica

hermes birkin bag replica The part time nature of wind means it is not a substitute for dispatchable sources of energy like coal, natural gas, hydroelectric power, or nuclear power because these sources of energy must be ready to provide electricity when the wind doesn’t blow. Therefore, we will still need some combination of these technologies (or expensive battery storage) to ensure we always have electricity. Nuclear energy, on the other hand, could actually replace coal as a replica hermes belt uk form of electricity with no CO2 emissions Hermes Replica Handbags hermes birkin bag replica.

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