Bridgewater reported more than 14 inches of snow

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uk canada goose outlet Delayed start time on Wednesday for all non emergency state executive branch employees.Cape Cod in particular canada goose outlet montreal was hammered Tuesday with heavy, wet snow and high winds that fractured trees and left tens of thousands canada goose outlet toronto address without power, prompting officials to open three emergency shelters there.There was a chance that light snow flurries could persist into the morning on Wednesday. Late Wednesday afternoon and evening could bring moderate to heavy snow squalls, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Bill Simpson. Thesnow could accumulate in some areas, although it not expected to exceed an inch or two, said Simpson.On Tuesday, more than a foot of snow was reported in Boston Hyde Park neighborhood, and Milford reported 20 inches, which appeared to be the highest total in the state, according to the weather service.Bridgewater reported more than 14 inches of snow, while Stoughton reported more than 18 inches, and Gloucester Canada Goose Outlet and Westport were reporting more than 13 inches, according to the weather service.Boston Mayor Martin J. uk canada goose outlet

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