Rachael Leigh Cook Talks Co-Parenting, Perform and Finding Brand Brand New Appreciate After Divorce (Exclusive)

Rachael Leigh Cook Talks Co-Parenting, Perform and Finding Brand Brand New Appreciate After Divorce (Exclusive)

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Rachael Leigh Cook is thriving! ET’s Deidre Behar talked into the 40-year-old actress, who exposed about life after breakup, the brand new guy inside her life, along with her upcoming Netflix film, Love, Guaranteed.

Cook along with her ex-husband, Daniel Gillies, first announced their Jersey City NJ sugar babies split in, before formally filing for divorce proceedings last thirty days. While Cook admitted that choosing to split was «really hard,» she along with her ex have discovered means making it work.

«It really was difficult when Daniel and I also made a decision to split up due to the implications that are massive come with this together with upheaval, but really, we are great,» she claims. «we are buddies now. We discuss things because we now have this brand new relationship. that people never discussed prior to»

«He’ll let me know about times about it,» she adds that he goes on and funny things that might have happened and we genuinely laugh. «I’m not sure. Divorce needs a publicist that is new. It is not that bad.»

The set share two young ones — Charlotte, 6, and Theodore, 5 — while having discovered ways to seamlessly that is co-parent.

«I don’t realize that component any more difficult than once we had been parenting-parenting,» Cook claims. «It really is pretty cool to help you to divide obligations [50/50]. We kinda suggest it.»

While all is great in the parenting front side along with her ex-husband, Cook is dealing with a brand new parenting dilemma — when you should introduce the tots to your brand new guy in her own life.

«we simply do not know just how to accomplish this,» she admits. «we gotta read books on how to do that first. I do not wanna mess it.»

Cook along with her producer beau, Kevin, first met through their friend that is mutual Judy Greer. The actress confirmed that she’s in love with her boyfriend though he’s yet to meet Cook’s kids.

«I favor their perfect heart. He’s miracle. He’s a producer. He’s got amazing style. He is the guy that is greatest,» she gushes. «He’s fine with working very hard and doing things that are great he does a great deal for others. After which he can view limitless seasons of 90 Day Fiance beside me.»

Not just does he view 90 Day Fiance, Kevin planned a complete gesture that is romantic the fact show.

«I happened to be having a where i was like, ‘ugh, i didn’t nail that scene yesterday day. Ugh, I wonder if we first got it. I have to speak to the manufacturers.’ After which I happened to be conversing with this extremely guy that is nice i have been dating for a minute in which he had been similar to, ‘Well, it is gonna be great. I’m certain you had been great. Don’t be concerned about any of it,'» Cook recalls. «I did not think much about any of it.»

«after which, in a beautifully thoughtful motion, he sent me personally a Cameo from a single of well known truth television personalities. Usman, due to course,» she continues of 90 Day star Usman Umar. «He’s the absolute most genuine. He is praying for me personally in which he really loves me personally and I also can show it because i’ve a video.»

It is gestures like that that made Cook feel she’s «been residing mostly within the intimate comedy room the final few years,» a feeling that ultimately led her to conceptualize, create and star inside her brand brand new Netflix movie. In Love, Guaranteed, Cook movie movie stars as an attorney whom assumes on a client (Damon Wayans Jr.) who would like to sue a dating internet site after he is struggling to find love.

«It really is fascinating if you ask me that individuals can claim harm that is personal false marketing. And so I had been like, ‘How could I work that into one thing?’ after which we thought [about] all those dating apps, these dating sites. They’ve been directly on the side of saying we guarantee you may meet with the passion for your daily life us all this money,» she explains if you give. «thus I ended up being like, ‘What if somebody sued a dating application since they guarantee you like, after which someone does not obtain it?'»

Sooner or later, Cook aided to throw Wayans Jr. within the part, something which was more fated than it initially seemed.

«He ended up being reading the script on their iPad during sex at and his wife says to him, ‘What are you reading night? What is it about?’ And he goes, ‘Rom-com. It is about some guy whom sues a dating internet site.’ And their spouse claims, ‘Oh my gosh, my friend XYZ simply filed case against an important dating website,'» Cook shared. «Luckily for us, Damon thinks in indications that way in which he actually liked the script so we were down into the events.»

While Cook praised Wayans Jr. for «killing» his role, she did jokingly note for her to make the flick she originally envisioned as well that he»made it tough.

«When you browse the script, he is expected to read as variety of a cad. You are likely to realize that whenever their character makes my character’s office in which he’s like, ‘See, we proceeded 1,000 times and we never discovered love.’ It really is like, ‘Yeah as you’re variety of a jerk,'» she claims. «Damon is really so likable that i am playing the scene like he is a jerk in which he may seem like a guy that is perfectly lovely and so I look like an overall total Karen. This really is bad.»

Between her relationship that is good with ex, her flourishing love life together with her brand brand new guy, along with her job energy, Cook is experiencing «really good.»

«I’m really placing my power and myself ahead rather than being afraid to express, ‘You know very well what? I have seen some things and, yeah, i recognize several things, and possibly i actually do have one thing to express that you would like to hear,'» she states. «[I’m] just experiencing better and better about placing that available to you. We look ahead to being increasingly innovative, spending so much time behind the digital digital camera along with front side, and diversifying a great deal.»

Enjoy, Guaranteed will premiere on Netflix Sept. 3.

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